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40 Years Experience Working
Started in 1979 Edward and Christie set out on this journey, when a father and son identified an opportunity and had a vision for Sri Lanka before many others did, and a vision for their company to one day be a market leader in the island. Through the many ups and downs during the early years of the company, we maintained a strong belief in our vision, never wavering on our commitment or quality to our customers.
The following years, as our vision for Sri Lanka started to become a reality, along with it came a boom in the construction industry as our island nation started to be recognized as a commercial hub, although initially being a provider to the public sector offering services such as highway construction, irrigation and land drainage, storm water drainage construction, water supply and drainage work, dredging and reclamation, Edward and Christie pivoted from our strategy and decided to offer our products and services to the private sector as well.
With this growth we decided to set up a fully equipped machine yard in Badalgama in Year 1990, further strengthening our commitment to only providing high quality solutions for our clients. We were rewarded for our efforts and our unwavering quality standards by being awarded the ICTAD registration Grade CS2 for Highway & Road Construction, the highest possible certification in these categories handed out only to the very best in the industry.
Continuing our trend in growth, we have now set up asphalt, metal cursher and steel fabrication plants island wide. Badalgama also hosts our own Concrete Batching plant our own vehicle service and machine repair center.
Edward and Christie is proud to share our innovative solutions and quality service standards with the rest of the world as we have spread our reach beyond our island nation and have started leaving our imprint in other parts of the world as well.
Today Edward and Christie stands as an end to end solutions provider for both the public and private sector as shown with the registration of Edward and Christie Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Edward and Christie Ready Mix Pvt. Ltd.
The family owned business has now moved into its third generation of ownership and has the sky as the limit. With the arrival of Edward and Christie Aviation, the company looks to diversify and take advantage of new opportunities in the island as we continue to keep one eye on the future. With the strength of the diversified group, even though we have been around for a while now we feel that the Edward and Christie story is only just beginning as we look to play out part to bring our beautiful island nation into the future.
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Our Vision is to become the most competitive and innovative Construction Company in Sri Lanka by delivering projects and services of unfathomable quality that meets global standards.


Our Mission is to continue to ensure Customer Satisfaction through on time delivery, quality standards and cost leadership. We Continuously seek effective partnerships linking with worldwide construction giants in creating maximum value for our clients & stakeholders.
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Seated: Mr. Christie Arawwala (Chairman)
From left: Mr. Sampath Ekanayake, Mrs. Nirmala Arawwala, Mr. Ravishanth Madappuli, Ms. Charitha Arawwala