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Construction Of Immediate Approaches Of Bridge No. 4/8 On Hiniduma - Opatha - Pitabeddara Road (B 156)

Project Description

E&C were commissioned to construct the immediate approach of bridge no.4/8 by the Road Development Authority. The project includes the construction of a sub structure, transportation and erection of super steel structure and immediate approaches. The construction of abutment and transportation of 11.4m long 2 lane wide unibridge superstructure components and erection and launching. The length of the bridge is 11.4m Over the course of this project we had to overcome heavy rains and floods.



E&C is one of the few within the island holding the C2 grade when it comes to bridge construction, and possesses the machinery, equipment and track record that instills confidence and peace of mind in the minds of our clients when it comes to completing their project in the most effective and efficient way possible.
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