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Construction of Linear Park Along Beira Lake 04 ā€“ Stage 2

Project Description

E&C was hired to construct the beautiful linear along the beira lake, and involved us actively providing solutions towards Landscaping, Turfing, Bioswales, Fencing, Ramps, Concrete block pavings, Seatings (Concrete and timber), Timber outdoor furniture, Public washrooms, Foot bridge across St.Sebestian canal, Lighting (Outdoor & indoor).The project was valued at over Rs. 338 Mn. We were encountered with and overcame tough challenges with this project including land acquisition, many design changes and many delays due to a variety of reasons.



This sector is E&Cā€™s specialty as most projects are within Colombo city limits and possesses the knowledge, capabilities and capacity to take on these projects and overcome the challenges that come with it like congestion, traffic and other similar problems.
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