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Rehabilitation and Improvement of Seeduwa Katunayake Road (From 0+000 to 03+900Km and Seeduwa — Udugampola Road (From 0+000 to 11+700 Km)

Project Description

E&C were commissioned rehabilitate 650Km of road along Seeduwa and Katunayake by the road development authority, the project includes the rehabilitation of Udugampola road, the construction of 7.2m wide two lane carriageway with 0.8m cycle lane and 1.0 m wide soft shoulders. The project was valued at over Rs. 1. Bn. We had to overcome certain difficulties along the way including land acquisition issues and heavy traffic during the day.



Possessing the CS2 super grade a certification that very few elite constructions companies on the island hold, E&C has taken on many bold and innovative projects, including playing a large part in the construction of the Central Expressway of Sri Lanka which required innovative thinking and technology which we have in abundance.
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