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Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Anamaduwa – Uswewa – Galgamuwa from 0+000 to 39+100 KM

Project Description

E&C were commissioned to rehabilitate and upgrade the two lane Anamaduwa – Uswewa – Galgamuwa road, in addition to earth work, structure work and road work to improve the transport facility in the surrounding area, this road is a highly significant road as it connects the Colombo – Putallam road to Padeniya – Anuradhapura road, imporvements to nearby towns were also carried out as part of this project which was valued at over Rs. 2,500 Million.



Possessing the CS2 super grade a certification that very few elite constructions companies on the island hold, E&C has taken on many bold and innovative projects, including playing a large part in the construction of the Central Expressway of Sri Lanka which required innovative thinking and technology which we have in abundance.
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