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Rehabilitation of Minipe Left Bank In Central Province ā€“ Stage 01 (0+000 Km to 30+140 Km)

Project Description

E&C were commissioned to rehabilitate and upgrade the Minipe left bank canal by the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, the project includes improvements of 165 irrigation structures, construction of 2 cross regulators, desilting, improvements to bund road and planting trees in over 2.5 hectors of land. This project covered over 170 km in length was valued at over Rs.350 mn. We had to overcome certain difficulties along the way including gaining access to the left bank side of the canal during water issues and a very limited time duration for season water closure.



This sector is E&Cā€™s specialty as most projects are within Colombo city limits and possesses the knowledge, capabilities and capacity to take on these projects and overcome the challenges that come with it like congestion, traffic and other similar problems.
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