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Sooriyaara Water Supply Project - Monaragala District

Project Description

E&C was hired by the ministry of city planning and water supply, to work on the construction of the Sooriyaara Water Supply Project, where we supplied and laid down DI pipes varying from 80-200 mm in width and uPVC pipes varying from 20-225 mm in width along a 55 km radius. As part of this project we also constructed an intake well, ground water reservoir, elevated towers, roughing filters, slow sand filters, CBO office and related M&E works, culvert and bridge support with relevant column support. Over the course of this project we overcame obstacles such as unseasonal and unpredictable weather conditions including floods, an unsupportive community surrounding the area and unforeseeable dollar fluctuations effecting the supply of raw materials.



This is a sector that E&C have come leaps and bounds in and in a short period of time, have quickly earned the C2 grading and aims on improving this in the near future. With many projects completed and scheduled to be completed all across the island.
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